About Metta8

The Metta8 Mission: Changing The World One Person & Piece At A Time.

Welcome! Metta8 is my dedication to helping the world heal & find their power one person & piece at a time. I'm working in tandem with Spirit & consciously designing each piece with meaning.

Every piece is handmade with Love and created with detailed & loving intentions to help the wearer heal, align & ultimately find their power & worth.

EVERY piece of jewelry raises the energetic frequency of the person wearing it & in turn helps to raise the energy of those they come in contact with.  

Each piece is handmade with reclaimed fine metals, carefully selected natural gemstones & packaged in eco-friendly recycled kraft boxes. Every item comes gift ready with a gemstone info card, an affirmation & a couple cards to share the Metta8 love. As I’m helping the collective I’m looking to make as little impact on the environment as possible in the process. Feel good knowing with your purchase you are supporting a local designer, the collective whole & investing in yourself or your loved ones with a piece of Metta8 Jewelry. To get to know a little more in depth who I am & what Metta8 is all about please keep reading My Story below.

{Metta in Pali means Loving-Kindness. 8 is my lucky number & when it's turned on its side is the infinity symbol. So Metta8 is literally translated to Loving-Kindness to the infinite degree.}

And to sharing the LOVE, check out the MORE LOVE drop down to see what else I’m creating & sharing with the world! 

My Story

Teaching yoga for 10+ years, I have become centered & grounded into the yogic lifestyle of awareness, consciousness & sustainability. I whole-heartedly believe in the Law of Karma & the Theory of Quantum Physics. Knowing that what we give out is what we get back & that everything we choose to think, say & do has a direct effect on ourselves & the reality we're co-creating.

Having an eye for natural beauty, I am drawn to nature for the majority of my inspiration. Being an Earth Mama, I am conscious & appreciative of imperfect perfection, raw beauty & repetition of cycles.

Receiving my BFA in Metals at the University of Texas in El Paso, I found my voice as a jewelry designer. All my Loves of being creative, self-expression, nature & the yogic way started to integrate & come together.

 The Metta8 Intuition Earrings

The Metta8 Intuition Earrings

Like me, my line of Conscious Jewelry is delicate, layered with meaning & depth, & is dynamic yet flows freely in its simplicity. 

I am sharing my gifts with the world, not only to make it a more beautiful place but to literally raise the vibrational frequency to one of Love & Positivity. Every piece I make is set with an intention in it. Each piece comes with an affirmation. The intention is to say this affirmation every time you put your piece on & take it off. This in turn, rewires the synapses in the brain to bring awareness to the wearer & on a cellular level your cells start to respond & heal themselves. These pieces, made of fine metals & healing precious & semi-precious gemstones are conduits to change, they hold the energies of Unconditional Love, Protection, Transformation & Bliss & are full of healing properties. The more you connect with your piece, the more you connect to yourself & the more you can connect on a deeper level in the world. To read more about the healing properties of the pieces please check out the Everything You Need To Know page.  

 Metta8 100% Recycled Eco Conscious Packaging

Metta8 100% Recycled Eco Conscious Packaging

My mission is to change the world, one piece at a time, one person at a time. Help me make this world a more beautiful & Loving place by purchasing one of my handmade pieces for yourself or for someone you Love.

"Love is the only Truth in this world, everything else is just a lack of Love."  -Marianne Williamson