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Welcome to Metta8 Bridal! We believe that Love is the highest vibration in the Uni-Verse.  It is the world’s only truth. It is the soul’s only need. That's why, Metta8 Conscious Jewelry was founded on Love. 

It truly is a gift when two souls come together to unite in the bond of Love! We are filled with joy, gratitude, humility & awe. We all yearn to capture these extraordinary emotions, to embody them & to anchor them permanently to our hearts. Let Metta8 craft the wedding jewelry that will serve as that anchor. Worn again & again throughout the days of your friendships & marriage, Metta8 jewelry will connect you to one another & to the loving commitment that you celebrated on your wedding day.

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As a special service to brides, bridesmaids, & others who deserve a truly one-of-a-kind piece, Metta8 Conscious Jewelry is pleased to offer Metta8 Bridal Concierge Service. This unique service is upscale & personalized, allowing you to work directly with the Metta8 Owner & Designer, Priscilla Bernstein, to create the perfect pieces with intention for your special day & beyond. 

Priscilla will meet with you for an intimate one-on-one exclusive consultation. Together, you'll collaborate to ensure that you receive consciously designed pieces you'll be proud to wear & bestow upon your bridesmaids on your wedding day.

 The Metta8 Rose Gold & Gray Diamond Wedding Band

The Metta8 Rose Gold & Gray Diamond Wedding Band

As an added luxury, if the mainstream wedding bands aren't you're style, Priscilla can customize your wedding bands as well! 

Bridal Concierge Service with Priscilla Bernstein is a truly distinctive experience, created with you, for you. Kindly click here to receive more details and to set up your Bridal Suite Package today!